Meet Coco, your seasoned guide to the world of Thai-style massage. With a wealth of experience cultivated in the heart of Thailand, Coco brings a touch of authentic expertise to the serene shores of Adelaide. INTRO Having earned her massage certificate from a prestigious local authority in Thailand, Coco’s skills are finely honed and deeply…


Jessica invites you to embark on a journey of relaxation and self-care. Allow her to guide you to a state of profound tranquillity, where your mind can unwind, and your body can find harmony. Whether you’re seeking a brief respite from the daily grind or a regular escape into bliss, Jessica is the massage therapist who will exceed your expectations and leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to face the world anew.


Cindy is a mature massage lady from Sydney. Her experience in providing a massage service is basically from being an enthusiastic massage lover for years. Whether finger sliding or body sliding, she has a talent to make a massage session more enjoyable which is more than health caring. GALLERY


For providing the best massage experience to every massage lover, Eva is keen to make a massage session enjoyable. She has gained heaps of awesome feedback from loyal clients. She is a pretty massage staff who has a friendly personality and unique massage skills. GALLERY


Tayla is a master Japanese massage therapist, who has an attractive body shape. She is providing a fantastic full-body relaxing massage and erotic body sliding massage. For Japanese-style massage lovers, Tayla will give you the most enjoyable relaxation experience which removes fatigue and restores body energy. GALLERY


From her stunning smile, it is easy to see her friendly and soft personality. The awesome ultimate massage services, technical in full-body relaxation and body sliding, she is providing a super fantastic massage. GALLERY


The perfect body figures young beautiful massage lady, a master of aromatherapy, full body relaxation and body slide. Natural G-Cup, slim body shape, and beautiful looking are all the best for a massage session. GALLERY


Sydney nominated massage provider in this industry, with over five years’ experience in massage service, Lily is a master of massage therapy. Through a very unique massage style, she makes every massage service more relaxing and enjoyable. Especially, her perfect body figures are attractive, every movement during the massage is a great touching and contact,…